Meet the Team


I chose TSR for my contractors because of the responsiveness of the underwriters to my submissions and questions.
Their coverage and product enhancements, like Swimming Pool Pop-Up, help me compete and get the order.
I really like the new clearance email box for my submissions. They get cleared faster and I get notifications that I am reserved.

Meet the Team

  • Brad Tennant

    September 16, 1974 was a big day for the insurance industry, Brad Tennant decided to join the business! Following in his father’s footsteps Brad’s career spans several decades. Working with industry giants including Allstate, Marsh, Reliance, and various divisions with AIG including National Union, Lexington and Landmark Companies, Brad made his mark with hard work and tenacity. Over his 45 years he has worked with state departments of insurance, underwritten and managed varied books of business, managed MGUs from the carrier side and witnessed the birth of “Montrose”.

    In 1999, Brad’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to start out on his own with the goal of developing a premier MGU facility focusing on subcontractors. He wanted to offer the “little guy” the broad and rounded coverage they needed at a reasonable price. Twenty years later, he is still going strong as a self-professed “insurance geek”. He starts every day in the office with “It’s a lovely day for insurance”. While working as President/CEO of Tennant Special Risk, Brad mentors the growing staff, provides a seasoned perspective on underwriting trends versus historical philosophies, and digs into coverage forms whenever he can.

    There are not many individually owned MGUs left in the contractors arena. Brad’s leadership and entrepreneurial spirit are a benefit to not only the contractors marketplace but the industry as a whole for over 45 years.
    678-461-4615 ext 1

  • Jessie Swieter Berger
    Chief Operating Officer

    Marketing enthusiast. Fueled by coffee (but prefers Starbucks), red wine, avocados & chocolate.  Second insurance geek of the office with a degree in Risk & Insurance Management from App State.
    678-461-4615 ext 212

  • Larry Peterson, CPCU, AFSB
    Vice President, OCP Product Line Manager

    Fussbudget – wants to get everything correct up front
    Loves his border collies and sheep
    Hates unanswered messages in his Inbox
    678-461-4615 ext 2

  • Carrie Booker
    Vice President

    Fun loving, dedicated, single mom
    The beach is her happy place
    She has a love/hate relationship with the gym
    678-461-4615 ext 3

  • Cresson Berger, CRIS

    Loves learning, exploring cultures through food, and travel
    Being a parent is by far his greatest/craziest adventure
    678-461-4615 ext 213

  • Janice Haynesworth

    Born and raised a Falconholic – She proclaims to be the #1 Falcons Fan
    Fueled by life loving every minute
    The ultimate party planner
    678-461-4615 ext 4

  • Heidi Callan, CRIS

    “Cajun Insurance brat” – Laissez les bon temps rouler!
    Born & Raised eating crawfish and “playing insurance”
    Ask her or her TSR Krewe about my famous shrimp & Grits!
    678-461-4615 ext 5

  • Tori Slusher, CRIS
    Systems Manager (**Master of the Machines**) & Underwriter

    Human Snapple cap – I have random facts for days!!! Full of wanderlust – Always itching for the next adventure Capturing life’s journey through one lens at a time
    678-461-4615 ext 214

  • Loretta Fleming
    Technical Underwriting Assistant

    Natural born Shop-A-Holic. She literally shops until she drops!
    Handwriting Artists: Believing in the elegance & beauty of penmanship
    A “Retired Drum Majorette” who marches to the beat of her own heart
    678-461-4615 ext 206

  • Katt Walker
    Technical Underwriting Assistant

    One of a kind Apple Peach
    Colorful burst of energy
    100% purple addict
    678-461-4615 ext 215

  • Shamika Milner
    Accounting Manager

    Accounting is her thing
    Proud mother of a beautiful princess
    678-461-4615 ext 9

  • Jan Wilcox
    Executive Assistant

    Exec. Assistant to
    The self-styled Insurance Geek
    678-461-4615 ext 216

  • Sylvia Jarrell

    Creative, fun-loving decorator at heart.
    Always willing to help others, loves learning new things.
    Lover of sports, reading and shoes!
    678-461-4615 ext 209

  • Kelsey Daniels

    Proud dog mom.
    Lover of hiking and all adventures.
    The mountains are where she feels at home.
    678-461-4615 ext 217

  • Karen Tennant
    Vice President, Claims and Training Coordinator

    An overflowing fountain of knowledge. Born to train! Would rather be at the beach.
    678-461-4615 ext 208

  • Pam Campbell
    Technical Underwriting Assistant
    678-461-4615 ext 220

  • Zahara Alexander
    Technical Underwriting Assistant

    Hi! I am a kickballer, cookie lover, Wonder Woman fanatic originally from the Golden State. #RaiderNation When I am not working, I can be found on an outdoor adventure with my hubby and sons. I absolutely love meeting new people and helping those in need. 😊
    678-461-4615 ext 219

  • Donna DiGregorio

    Insurance is my life Proud first-time grandma Wine aficionado Would rather be on a beach
    678-461-4615 ext 210