Meet the Team


I chose TSR for my contractors because of the responsiveness of the underwriters to my submissions and questions.
Their coverage and product enhancements, like Swimming Pool Pop-Up, help me compete and get the order.
I really like the new clearance email box for my submissions. They get cleared faster and I get notifications that I am reserved.

Meet the Team

  • Larry Peterson, CPCU, AFSB
    Vice President, OCP Product Line Manager

    Fussbudget – wants to get everything correct up front
    Loves his border collies and sheep
    Hates unanswered messages in his Inbox
    678-461-4615 ext 2

  • Don Carr
    Vice President

    Airstream aficionado
    Coach extraordinaire with a mean shot beyond the arc!
    678-461-4615 ext 6

  • Carrie Booker
    Vice President

    Fun loving, dedicated, single mom
    The beach is her happy place
    She has a love/hate relationship with the gym
    678-461-4615 ext 3

  • Cresson Berger, CRIS

    Loves learning, exploring cultures through food, and travel
    Being a parent is by far his greatest/craziest adventure
    678-461-4615 ext 213

  • Janice Haynesworth

    Born and raised a Falconholic – She proclaims to be the #1 Falcons Fan
    Fueled by life loving every minute
    The ultimate party planner
    678-461-4615 ext 4

  • Heidi Marengo, CRIS

    “Cajun Insurance brat” – Laissez les bon temps rouler!
    Born & Raised eating crawfish and “playing insurance”
    Ask her or her TSR Krewe about my famous shrimp & Grits!
    678-461-4615 ext 5

  • Tori Slusher, CRIS

    Human Snapple cap – Full of random facts
    Full of wanderlust – Always itching for the next adventure
    Capturing life’s journey through one lens at a time
    678-461-4615 ext 214

  • Loretta Fleming
    Technical Underwriting Assistant

    Natural born Shop-A-Holic. She literally shops until she drops!
    Handwriting Artists: Believing in the elegance & beauty of penmanship
    A “Retired Drum Majorette” who marches to the beat of her own heart
    678-461-4615 ext 206

  • Katt Walker
    Technical Underwriting Assistant

    One of a kind Apple Peach
    Colorful burst of energy
    100% purple addict
    678-461-4615 ext 215

  • Shamika Milner
    Accounting Manager

    Accounting is her thing
    Proud mother of a beautiful princess
    678-461-4615 ext 9

  • Jan Wilcox
    Executive Assistant

    Exec. Assistant to
    The self-styled Insurance Geek
    678-461-4615 ext 216

  • Sylvia Jarrell

    Creative, fun-loving decorator at heart.
    Always willing to help others, loves learning new things.
    Lover of sports, reading and shoes!
    678-461-4615 ext 209

  • Kelsey Daniels

    Proud dog mom.
    Lover of hiking and all adventures.
    The mountains are where she feels at home.
    678-461-4615 ext 217

  • Karen Tennant
    Vice President, Claims and Training Coordinator

    An overflowing fountain of knowledge.
    Born to train!
    Would rather be at the beach.
    678-461-4615 ext 208